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Ok this has got me stuck like Chuck.  I'm trying to help a friend of mine with his laptop Windows 7 Professional.

 The computer has three user accounts. The first user account is the administrator account (which unfortunately has been given full admin status) password protected with unknown admin pass.

The second user account is password protected with unknown password, and the third account is password free.

 The UAC will not allow me to install or run any new programs or make changes too numerous programs because I do not know the administrator password.

 To further compound the problem the boot sequence is pass protected so that I can not enter the BIOS to reset the administrator password.

 I am hoping that I can upgrade to a free Windows 10 and that will reset user accounts, even though I would prefer to keep Windows 7. short of that the way I see it I have only two options.

 open up the laptop case and remove the BIOS battery therefore hopefully resetting the BIOS or format the hard drive both of which I am trying to avoid desperately.

 I have been messing with this all night and I'm ready to pull my hair out. I have tried every other option Under the Sun that I can think of.

 Any advice is appreciated,

thank you

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Btw, i have tried all DOS shell options, rebooting into safe mode with command prompt, Windows repair, system restore, I'm pretty sure at one point I even slapped my momma.

 LOL just kidding on that last one

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