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Asked by: 9fisherman6

HI.  I tried the chat expert and they cut me off saying if you want any help try me!

I use a compaq Presario CQ56.  I have Windows 10 installed ok, and use Microsoft Outlook 2010 for e/mails.  I do a weekly back up using "Back up & restore - Windows 7" onto a memory stick.

My question is, how can I put weekly dates in, so that if I need to make space, I can remove the oldest and not have to delete everything as is the case now.  Also, is it ok to still be using Outlook 2010 and Windows 7, as above, or should I be looking for more up to date editions.

As a self taught 80 year old, non technical language is a must please.  Now you see why the chat expert cut me off, they did not know what to do!

Many thanks, regards, Malcolm 

Answered by: Anil Madishetty

Hi Malcolm,

Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

If you have done backup using Windows 7 backup and restore tool, it's still work in Windows 10.

1) Open settings, go to Update and Recovery.

2) Select Backup and in the right pane you will have an option to select go to backup and restore( Windows 7).

You can refer to the Microsoft help article and check if it helps.


Let us know the status of the issue.


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