Can't change Default Web Browser

Windows 10

Asked by: Esau79936

Well, I had this all written out and Winblows 10 decided that it was going to forgot what was on the clipboard. Nothing new there.

Anyway, I'm using Winblows 10, just reinstalled it the other day and waited impatiently for the trillions of updates. Now, I open Google Chrome and winblows asks me to set a default browser. I click on set default browser and am taking to the default programs control panel. I scroll down to web browser and click on set default browser... A pop up shows up listing all the installed browsers on my computer. I click on Google Chrome and the pop up disappears, but the default browser never changes. It stays empty.

Can someone please help me to fix this or do I have to wait for yet another patch to Winblows 10 for this issue to be resolved? And what's with overcomplicating everything, Microshaft?! In the good old days, you clicked on set default and that was that. The hard part was trying to change the default program. Now it's all wrong. You made it difficult to make a program a default AND to change the default program. And apparently, you've made your forums incompatible with anything but IE or Edge. I can't turn italic text off.

Answered by: Lawrence Crumb

Right click start, click on Control Panel, Default Programs, Set your default programs.  When the list comes up click on Chrome.

Do not do this through Chrome.

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