Cannot get Windows 10 to install due to low disk space

Windows 10

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I am trying to get win 10 to install on my Win 7 computer. Every attempt fails with a low disk space warning. The dialog box says its needs 20 GB, with nothing but windows 7 and my email client on the drive I cannot get above 17 GB free. There must be hidden files on this drive that I cannot find. I already moved the win page file to drive E: some time ago and this did free up 3 more gig. 

The web site says it needs 8 GB. Who is right?

Also it says that it can use a USB drive, I have one attached that is empty with 29.9 GB free. Still no install.

There must be a way to tell the installer to use the USB drive OR the 229 GB I have free on drive E: in the computer.

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When you attach the USB with additional space, exit setup, restart then try again:

How to Install Windows 10 on Devices with Limited Space

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