Configuration Inheritance Break in IIS on server 2008 for executionTimeout

Windows 10

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Around 12/15/2017, our configured increase in executionTimeout stopped being honored by IIS. We historically configured the increase at the server level in IIS’s section of the server manager which encoded it in C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v2.0.50727CONFIGweb.config.  All of our sites use an App Pool that is set to .NET V2.  If we review the setting in IIS’s Configuration Editor at the site and applications, it displays the increased value, but IIS times out long running calls at the 00:02:00 default. 

We found that if we set the executionTimeout at IIS’s “Site” level, it is honored by IIS at the application level (as well as displayed in their Configuration Editors as inherited from parent).


Was this change intended? Was it documented somewhere? Are there other attributes that act this way?   

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Bill Smithers - Microsoft MVP July 2013 - June 2017
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