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Original title: disappearing windows

So I imagine Windows 10 is really cool for sophisticated users but I am just an average user. Here is my dilemma: with windows 7 and before I have always had this habit of unconsciously moving my mouse curser off of the window I was looking at. As a matter of fact I just did it while reading what I was typing here and the window disappeared. I had to point my mouse at each icon on my taskbar. Was it under outlook which was what I was on when I came to this forum--no, was it under my google icon--no, was it under Bing--no, was it under Edge--yes, hooray. I had to click on it to make it appear again--this time I am keeping my mouse pointer inside the window.

I have a 23 inch wide screen monitor and I need to view what I open in the full expanded view. I did discover that if I have several windows open they will not disappear if my main window is not in the fully expanded view. I don't quite understand this so my question is----Can I open a window in the fully expanded view and then open other windows without them disappearing when I move my mouse. Sorry for the long boring story but I am hoping someone has an answer. If the answer is that windows 10 was made for a mobile device I think that is unfair. One more thing, the help desk could not solve this problem for me.


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Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

It would be grateful if you can reply to this question in order to assist you further.

1. When you say full expanded view are you referring to pressing the  F11key for full view mode Window?

2. What do you mean when you say Windows get disappear when you move your mouse? Are you trying to say the windows gets closed when you hover your mouse?

You can go to different Windows by holding the Alt key and keep on tapping on Tab key on your keyboard. However its just a workaround for now. Kindly give us more information and clear description on the issue to assist you further.

Thank you.

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