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Asked by: JPL41941

   I'm trying to download photos from my Android phone to Windows 10 via USB cable.  Used to be super easy with W7, but seems impossible with W10.  Any suggestions? 

Answered by: Mohan Suryanarayan



Welcome to Microsoft Community.


To resolve this issue let us know the following:


What is the make and model of the Android device?


To transfer files and pictures from an Android phone/device to Windows, Contact your phone support. Your phone manufacturer might have released a program, which will sync the computer and the phone.
I request you to check for this on your phone support site and install this program on the computer. If you face any issues with this program, I suggest you to contact Phone support for further assistance..


Alternatively you may try the following step:


Selecting import pictures will import all the picture files present on the memory card.


If you want to import picture at a time, follow these steps:


1. Connect phone.
2. Ignore AutoPlay window.
3. Click Start, click Computer.
4. Locate the memory card drive, double click on it and select the picture files you want to import.
5. Copy the files and paste it to a different location.


Try the above steps and let us know if it works.


Thank you.

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