Easier (2 clicks or less) Shutdown system

Windows 10

Asked by: MikePRoberts

Can I make the power button bring up the shutdown options with a hover or alternatively can 'power' be called shutdown with a twidly if one wants to restart (as W7).  The Windows 10 system requires 3 clicks to shutdown while Windows 7 required just two.  This is just another agravating factor where W10 seems a downgrade rather than an upgrade from W7.  If I am missing something please let me know.  Mike

Answered by: JimWynne

Look here for instructions to create a shutdown/restart/lock icons on your desktop.

EDIT:  You can also do a two-click shutdown/restart, etc.  by moving the mouse cursor to the extreme lower-left corner of the screen and right-clicking.  You will see the menu below.  Hover over "Shutdown or Sign out" and the choices will appear.

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