has anyone got command and conquer 3 tiberium wars working in windows 8 ? :-)

Windows 10

Asked by: GLENNWHITE..1975

I have installed all windows 8 updates. Updated chipset drivers & graphics card. Run troubleshooter compatability  and run as administrator.

I have had working but suddenly stopped !!!

Re-installed complete OS several times and started from scratch but just wont work now.

Any clever clogs who can crack the problem ?

I love this game and really want it to work again.

I have an i-7 asus laptop running with 16gb ram and an NVidia GT630M graphics card and full HD screen with HDMI output.

This game did work as I say but doesn't now....Please Please can someone help resolve issue ?


Answered by:

Hi Glenn,


First, I would suggest you to refer to the link for Windows 8 compatibility center and see that the game is not listed:



However, as you say that the game was working fine before, you may try installing the game in compatibility mode:

a. Right click on setup file.

b. Click on Properties.

c. Click on Compatibility tab.

d. Put a check mark on Run this program in compatibility mode for.

e. Select Windows 7.

f. Put a check mark on Run this program as an administrator under Privilege Level.


Let us know the results.

Rohit S
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