How do I see how much free space is on my system hard drive in Windows 10? There is no "Computer" that I can click on to get a graphic display anymore.

Windows 10

Asked by: mtnbeebalm

In Windows 7 Pro. one would click "start" then right click on "computer" and then "properties" and that would open up a graphic displaying how much free space and used space was occupying our system hard drive.

How do we get that info in Windows 10 Pro?

Is a pie chart graphic representation still available?

This has got to be soooo simple...but I can't figure it out...I can't find it!

Thank you for help with this please.

Answered by: ZigZag3143 (Windows IT Pro MS -MVP)

Not a pie chart but.... click on explorer>this PC>  (see snip)

There is a great (and free) app called Treesize from Jam software (snip 2)

Snip 1

Snip 2

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