HP laserjet 3055 error 79 turn off printer then turn on. I use Windows 10 on a home shared network

Windows 10

Asked by: ShirleyShamel

I can't get my HP LaserJet printer 3055 all in one printer to print.  It keeps coming up with error 79, turn off the printer then turn it back on.  This does not work.  I've tried for two days to get it to work.  I looked online for any updates, but found none for this printer.  I even tried to reinstall from the original disk which was made for Vista and XP.  I am running Windows 10 and my husband uses some programs that use Windows 7 format.  However we updated his to  Windows 10, but somehow when you just boot it up, it says Windows 7 Home premium, which we have the disk for.  How can I get the printer to print again?  Is there a fix? Or do I need a new printer that works with Windows 7 programs on a Windows 10 operating system?
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