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Windows 10

Asked by: Joecam5

Usually im tech minded enough to fix my stuff but im at a conplete loss as to what to do

about 2 weeks ago my computer started crashing frequently so i tried all the recovery options but none worked, i foolishly didnt have a system restore or system image available and it wouldnt let me reset it for some reason

about a week ago it stopped crashing and was replaced with severe internet issuse which i tried everything to fix to no avail

so i created a recovery drive usb and attempted to recover my pc it got to about 60% and came up with a blue screen saying could not recover pc 

now when i boot it says an operating system was not found and to remove drives with no os

i dont have access to another pc so i cant create installation media and ive no other ideas, i still have the recovery usb but now i cant boot into that either 

any help would be greatly appreciated 


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Please always state the make and model of the device when you are posting.  We have no idea whether you have a desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.  Help us help you.

This may not be a Windows issue at all.  The first thing to troubleshoot is the hardware.  If the device is under warranty contact the manufacturer for help or take the device to a computer shop for testing.  It is not possible to assess software on hardware that is not working right so check out the hardware first.

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