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Windows 10

Asked by: msher1

We have a computer that is running into an error when we try to execute some installations, particularly driver software and some applications. The error is as follows:

Could not create "C:usersusernameLOCALS~1temp" - unzip operation cancel.

If it helps, the menu box that pops up is titled WinZip that has the error message within. I've tried using WinRar too. No luck. I am at a loss. I have reloaded the computer (wiped it clean) and the user is still having this error. It's using a Windows 7 64 bit OS and we use roaming profiles with a server. This user has admin rights to the computer as well. About the only I haven't tried was to recreate a brand new profile for the user, but I am at a loss on why that could solve this issue. I have attempted to locate this path, and I can not find it where it should be. This is the first time I ran into this issue and it has only just started coming up recently. About the only work around I have found is to be extracting the files and running the setup file within the executable, but there are some things that this work around won't do. Can anyone lend some advice to solve this issue?

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