Installing Windows 10. -- ERROR -- Processor Doesn't support NX

Windows 10

Asked by: Christopher1983

I just tried to Install Windows 10 (Updating Windows 7)  I got the following message.   You can't install Windows 10 because your processor doesn't support NX. 

Is there a way to get around this message??

I have been running Windows 10 for several months using the Insider Preview program and it has been installing and running with out a problem.    Why am I now getting this error message, and not able to upgrade / install the final release??

Answered by: Christopher1983

I got this issue fixed.  There is an Execute disable feature in my BIOS settings.  Two things about this had me mixed up at first.

First it shows as Execute disabled which I was looking for No eXecute or NX.

Second the Default setting is ON, so I thought that is what it needed to be set at.  BUT the it says Execute DISABLED...  so this needs to be TURNED OFF.   (If this is a security feature I do not understand why they have the default setting for Execute Disabled ON)

Now that I have this issue resolved, how do I mark this Post as Solved?

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