Is It Alright To Run Both Windows Defender's And Kaspersky Internet Security's Real-Time Protection Together At The Same Time?

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Asked by: Nik Hill

I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 installed on my PC and recently I got a notification saying Windows Defender needs to scan my PC. When I opened Windows Defender I saw that it's real-time protection is on. When I went to the settings and switched off Windows Defender real-time protection I got a message saying 'Both Windows Defender and Kaspersky Internet Security is turned off'. I clicked the message and a dialog box opened up(screenshot below).

As it looks like the dialog box shows that Kaspersky Internet Security is turned off and Windows Defender is snoozed. When I click on the Kaspersky Internet Security option the 'Turn on' button is not available and when I click on Windows Defender the 'Turn on' button becomes available.Why is it like this? Should I just ignore the message or should I turn on Windows Defender real-time protection on along with Kaspersky Internet Security(Kaspersky can be seen in the taskbar saying it is protecting the computer)? 

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You should not be able to run both at once.  Defender is designed to turn itself off if it detects another anti-virus.  This would suggest to me that Kaspersky is not installed correctly or has become corrupted.

Try a reinstall of Kaspersky, or remove it it - your choice.

(An afterthought - is the Kaspersky subscription up to date?)

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