Issues I have with Surface Pro 4 Display and Power Settings

Windows 10

Asked by: JayTei

Hi, Need to leave my opinion as these issues are driving me mad...

I recently purchased Surface pro 4 with windows 10 installed.

Display problems:

Display of some 3rd party programs i use are blurred. Some of the program setting windows display blurred also.

The words in the title bars are so small i can hardly see them.

Installing programs, set up process, the words are too small and they do not display properly so i cannot uncheck unwanted 3rd party programs.

Google home page has a unnecessary scroll bar.

Icons on the task bar are too small to accurately use touch screen facility.

I had to change the display settings to 250%, so i can use touch screen. (Without pen). 

All these issues seem to be due to DPI settings. Which i can't seem to change, as no compatibility mode option?

I have installed a 3rd party software, as to use compatibility mode (W10 dpi fix) which has removed most blur issues. But max 200%, so icons are too small again to use touch screen without a pen. (Never needed a pen before using any of my Android kit).

Also, the power button, powers off the computer completely! When all i need it to do, is turn the screen off, without affecting any running programs. So i can carry unit with me, without accidentally interfacing with it, and to save battery power. There is no option to "Turn screen off" in the Power button options. (Again a feature Android devices just instinctively have).

I have been waiting a long time for a Microsoft PC / Android Tablet type solution. This unit cost me £700. But doesn't have these seemingly basic functions. If you're trying to appeal to the Android market, these basic features are needed.   

Disappointed, but hopeful of fixes, if I take the time to feedback to you.

Any updates planned for these issue please?

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