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Asked by: BryanLC

I have a problem with my Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

Neither my Windows 10 laptop nor my Windows 8.1 tablet can connect to my TV via the adapter anymore. I tried everything the Microsoft troubleshooting page listed. The problem was determined to be outdated firmware on my adapter. However, I could not update the firmware through the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter app (downloaded from the Windows Store) because I can't wirelessly connect to the adapter to do so. So, in other words, the app says to connect to the device to update the firmware, but I can't connect because, I think, the firmware is outdated. Do I have any options other than buying a new adapter? The one I have is only 4 months old and used 5 or so times. Thanks

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Hi Bryan,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community. I will surely help you to fix the issue with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

As you know this issue could have occurred due to corrupt or outdated driver.

I suggest you to refer the article and check if it helps to fix the issue with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.


Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with an updated status of the issue so that we can assist you further.

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