"My PC" Crashes

Windows 10

Asked by: Mäxyk

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, every time I go into "My PC", my file explorer crashes. It freezes up and I can't do anything except for ctrl+alt+delete (which doesn't help anything, obviously).

After anywhere from a few seconds to about 30+ seconds, my file explorer will finally close out on it's own and the freeze is over.

So, I can't get into anything I need to in My PC. I can't get to anything I plug in, or put in my computer and when I'm in any program and I go to open a file, if I touch the My PC part, it freezes and starts this all over again.

However, when I get to something that's saved in another folder that's under My PC, it works okay. As soon as I back out or click back to try to get to anything that way, it freezes again.

Any ideas? I haven't seen this problem anywhere yet so I'm assuming it's not very common. It never happened until after I upgraded to Windows 10.


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Oh, and it does the same thing when I right-click on anything on the desktop.
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