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I just don't understand how Windows is **** decades old and yet it seems to require a BA in **** computer networking just to transfer some files between MY computers I bought and paid for on the network INSIDE MY OWN GODDAMN HOME. Homegroup does not **** work no matter how many years have passed since I first looked up how to do this. I REALLY don't think i should have to mount  a USB drive just to transfer docs from my notebook to my desktop rig at home. Why the **** do I need to consult endless years-old threads full of useless advice for a problem that never has a goddamn solution?

PCs have been in our homes for over two goddamn decades now. I can be called a **** **** with the simplest of ease by 12 year old children or 30-year old trumpkins in state-of-the-art video games, stream naked ladies without even so much as a few clicks of my mouse, and repeatedly mock my president-to-be on twitter all day long, but I can't simply transfer my homework notes without consulting google first, because I'm expected to know how to assign my computers' unique IP addresses on my own network, presuming that actually even **** works, PRESUMING NETWORK SHARING EVEN **** WORKS.




all i want to do is transfer some files without the middle man usb or BS of CS ****. DECADES now we've had these machines and you still make me jump through hoops. "Enable Network Sharing" MY ACHIN' ****.  I OWN THESE MACHINES and this is MY NETWORK INSIDE MY OWN HOME and this **** still doesnt work when i need it to.  WELL, **** YOU M$.

dont bother responding. im not gonna answer. just what the ****.

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