new dell inspiron 5000 w windows 10 freezes when i turn on

Windows 10

Asked by: alicialevy

Hi community...

so I have a new dell inspiron 5000 series laptop w windows 10. when I turn it on it circles for quite a bit even tho I have full internet access w everything up to date. After 5 min I can hit anything....it will open and then freeze.

It wont let me close or undue anything. it just gets stuck! its only 1 month old and I don't even have that much on it.

literally the only way for me to turn it off is by taking the battery out. I always shut off closing all apps....the only reason I'm able to type this question w/out getting stuck is by turning on...waiting a few min..and then hitting the restart computer option. The 2nd time I'm usually good to go...but cmon.....also within the first try , no matter what I open, it does and then says such n such not responding...and the bitter freeze ensues....HELP ME PLZ


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