No users appear in the log in screen in build 10.0.15002

Windows 10

Asked by: ccot

Ref: Case # 1370142454

I've just installed Windows 10.0.15002.  After rebooting a few times, suddenly the log in screen contains no users, unless I boot in safe mode.  I am currently in safe mode with networking.

I would really appreciate getting this fixed right away, even if I have to pay a ransom.  Hiding the users is a really slick trick.

How did your "engineers" (sic) manage that one?

I have been a "windows preview insider" since windows 10 was first released in beta.

I'm serious.  This is my work computer.

Please don't give me the "You shouldn't do anything important in the preview builds" speech.

You should know that doing real stuff on a computer is the only way realistic testing can take place.

Windows 10 is looking a lot like ransomware.  Let me say it again.  Hiding the users is quite a slick trick!

Thank you for your help!  Sooner would be better than later.  Again, I'll pay the ransom.

Please, help me fix this!

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How did your "engineers" (sic) manage that one?

Sorry, my friend, you are barking up the wrong tree. This is not a Microsoft helpdesk but a public forum. If you need a reply from some volunteer respondent then you might want to restrict your post to just the technical details.

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