Notification Icon changing, do you know the differences? (Windows 10)

Windows 10

Asked by: Jigsaw Puzzled

 So you see the notification icon, that is the way it looks when there is No New Notifications or it appears that way but it solid 'white' meaning there is Notifications that I haven't clear'd

Now Look at this notification icon  .......... it has a circle with a line thru it. When I click on it, there are No Notifications. No New ones, No Old ones, nothing........

QUESTION: what do you think the 'circle with line thru it' is trying to say?

Answered by: David_Doanld

If I'm understanding your question (and I was curious about the circle with line thru it too), it's whether you have quiet hours turned on.

Right click the notifications icon. If it doesn't have the circle with line, the menu will ask if you want to turn on quiet hours. If you have the circle with line, the option will change to turning off quiet hours.

Hope this clears up what the icon is trying to communicate.

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