on windows 10, how do I get the old 8.1 desktop tile back?

Windows 10

Asked by: AlH.

Note I'm not referring to anything ON the desktop, but the start menu TILE that we had in 8.1.  It basically showed us the desktop wallpaper, and we could click on it to go there.

(Yes, I know we have other options: click the start button for one.  But I liked seeing my wallpaper in the start menu as a large tile before upgrading.)

If anyone has figured this out (and I've looked elsewhere already), I'd appreciate it!

And, if any MS staff sees this and knows if cannot be done, maybe putting it on the "wish list" would be appropriate :).



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Full screen start menu

Steps to turn it ON

  1. Click Start
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click Personalization
  4. On left panel click Start
  5. Turn ON "Use full screen"
  6. These will make your start menu Full screen view

For Information:

Make your system up-to-date

- Till Today: Windows 10 Version 1607(OS Build 14393.51)

- To check your latest build:

Windows Key + R --> run window will open --> type winver and press enter --> about windows window will open --> check whether you have latest build

If your system is not up-to-date: Update it through any method

Method 1: Microsoft - "Update now"

Method 2: Microsoft - "Download tool now"

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