Outlook App in Windows 10 Suddenly not displaying message content on any of the email accounts

Windows 10

Asked by: AdamEdgar

Hi guys.

I have read the forums however none of these are for windows 10.

For some reason out of the blue, my outlook app is not displaying any message content on any of the 4 email accounts i have.

The most important are my Live and Hotmail accounts.

I am getting the ‘Something went wrong...’ and then ‘We can't connect to blu404-m.hotmail.com right now. Make sure you have a connection, and then try again. Error code: 0x80072ee2.’

Trouble is what is different in my case...this error is happening with my inbox as well as sent items and everything else!!!

Finally, the "Delete Account" option is not available in settings for any of my accounts??? ****

What setting causes this problem?

My only way of accessing email is to bloody manually log into outlook online. What an absolute pain in the ****!

kind regards


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There is a "Windows 10 App" Outlook app?

This is the Windows 10 'Mail and Calendar' app, Mail app forum.

Mail and Calendar app is also sometimes referred to as 'Outlook Mail and Calendar' app hence the confusion.

Are we still on the same page?

That said, have you tried m.hotmail.com ?

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