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Asked by: Money_Line702

 I was under the impression that Microsoft was making the Windows 10 product keys public. I installed with a USB, Is the key In a file? Or do I have to make my way down to the local Microsoft store?

Answered by: Cbarnhorst

The product key is embedded in your Windows.  You can use Belarc Advisor or KeyFinder to view it.  

Everyone who got Windows 10 through the Get Windows 10 program has the same product key for Home and the same product key for Pro.  Microsoft is not distributing keys nor making them public (Microsoft doesn't need to because the users already have).

Beginning with Windows 10 Microsoft is using a new activation technology called device activation.  At the time you upgraded it your computer was permanently registered as a Windows 10 device on Microsoft's servers.  You do not need a key (and should not use one even a screen requests one) to reinstall Windows 10 because the computer is permanently activated.

Colin Barnhorst
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