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Simple. How?

Do not post me no links that will make me go in circles. There is no info anywhere, saying if your at a totally different location, then do this. But I was expecting this when I first came on here looking for info, I mean why would there be info, it microsoft they don't care.

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The problem is that you may not understand the possible complexities of your question.  The number of scenarios you could find yourself in where a simple answer doesn't work for Microsoft Remote Desktop is larger than none.

Let's ASSUME you are speaking of the simplest setup: two systems connected to the same physical network and on the same subnet (in other words, both connected to the same physical switch and one system has the IP address and the other has the IP - for example.)

Then you just make sure Remote Desktop is enabled, the firewalls are configured to allow the connection and your accounts are password protected and you know the username/password (Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, I assume as well, since you do not get Remote Desktop capabilities with Home editions of Windows OSes innately.) 

Once you are at that point, you get on one machine, open up the Microsoft Terminal Service Client and type in the IP address of the machine you are currently NOT on into the area for the "COMPUTER" and click connect.

Now, if you throw real-world IPs, switches, routers, firewalls and such other than the one built into Windows, various editions of Windows and the allowed level of connectivity, things get more complicated.

If you want to forgo all that, install and use some third party server-based (centrally managed) client system that would allow you to forget about all those complexities between one computer and the other computer (for the most part) as long as they are on the Internet and powered up.  Teamviewer, LogMeIn, etc.


If it was all 'simple', you wouldn't have to ask - your Google search skills would have answered your question (at worst.)

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