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When I start Windows 10, (An old Pentium 3 Windows 2000 desktop, and yes it met the requirements.), I get a REALLY annoying audio loop of the Windows 2000 startup and when the startup sound finishes, it does the shutdown sound, and then the startup sound, and so on. Muting the volume does nothing, and plugging in headphones doesn't work either, it just comes through the speakers. GGRR.......

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Hello Alex,

Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

I understand the inconvenience you are facing in Windows. We will help you.

I suggest you to provide some information to help you better.

  1. Which sound are you referring to, is it while playing any music or while working on the system?

  2. Did you make any changes on the system prior to this issue?

Let’s try with the below methods and check if he issue resolves.

Method 1: Run an inbuilt Sound troubleshooter.

  1. Press Windows + X keys and select the Control panel.

  2. Type troubleshooting and select it.

  3. Left pane select view all and select the Playing audio.

  4. Run the troubleshooter and follow the instructions.

  5. Restart the system and check.

If the issue doesn’t resolve then try with the next Method.

Method 2: try uninstalling the sound driver and reinstalling it.

  1. Press Windows + X keys and select Device Manager.

  2. Select Sound, video and gaming controllers.

  3. Uninstall the High definition audio driver

  4. Restart the system.

Method 3: Reinstall the driver from the manufacturer website and check updating the device.

Refer to the below link to check how to install and update.

How to Install and Update drivers in Windows 10: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/wiki/insider_wintp-insider_devices/how-to-install-and-update-drivers-in-windows-10/a97bbbd1-9973-4d66-9a5b-291300006293

Keep us posted to help you better.

Thank you
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