Unable to Upgrade from Window 10 Home to Pro with MSDN Key

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Asked by: Darthvader666uk

Hi All,

I upgraded from Windows 7 Home to Windows 10 Home and now I have a Windows 10 Pro key from MSDN however, every time I try to change it, the following message appears:

We Couldn't Activate WIndows
The product key you entered cant be used to activate this edition of windows.  Please try a different key.

This doesn't make sense are surely I can upgrade from home to pro?

I have had a google around and most people suggest I will have to do a clean install but specify the Pro key instead of home key.

Anyone got a better way for me to do this without a clean install.

Answered by: SevenN

It is possible!

Here is what worked for me:

I clicked "Go To Store" button.

On the page it takes you to, under the price, you'll see a link "I already have a Windows 10 Pro key".  Click it.

I used the "retail" key that is part of the MSDN subscription, not the multiple activation key.

Upgraded fine.

Hope this helps.


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