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Asked by: aanhalzer

Hey there,

Now that Windows 10 is out I have a question about compatibility of apps for the upgrade.

Right now I have a PC with Windows 8.1 Pro that has VirtualBox installed and running Windows XP. On Windows XP I have an application and several files that are crucial to the use I give to my computer.

If I run the upgrade on my computer and I jump to Windows 10 Pro will the VirtualBox or any of the files in Windows XP be affected or deleted? Is there any update in the near future that will allow a smooth transition to Windows 10?


Answered by: srmrc

There is a bug with host-only adapters - basically they don't work at all and you can't run VMs that use them.

Here are some details:



As of today there is no official response on when this is going to be fixed. :(

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