Wifi, usb coonection not working properly.

Windows 10

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Hii sir/madam, i am using windows 10 from past 8 months. Few days back i got another update related to windows 10. I updated it but after updating i couldn't connect any of my mobiles to the laptop, even i couldn't connect to the internet, even my laptop has become too slow. So can u give any solution to the above problems.. 

Thank you...... 

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We would like to know more about the issue.

  • What is the make and model of your laptop?
  • Did you encounter any error messages?
  • Have you tried running the Network troubleshooter?
  • What is the version and build number of your operating system?
    • You may find this information by clicking Start, type winver then hit Enter.

For more information about the Network troubleshooter, please refer to this link.

We're looking forward to your response.

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