Windows 10 activation key different with every version?

Windows 10

Asked by: PaulConrad_9090

So my hard drive just failed on my laptop, now I'm replacing it, i downloaded the windows 10 creation tool and made a bootable pc. But now i dont know what version it is, I do have the activation key but sadly i forgot to check the win10 version when i checked for the key. Are the activation key for win10 home, win10 home N, and win10 home single language key different?. I tried installing once but when i placed the key, it said that it was invalid, i used win10 home at that time. I'm don't wanna buy a new windows 10,  :( .

Also if you can help me, when i placed the new hard drive in the laptop, i placed the usb, but still it tells me that no bootable device detected, so when I said before that i tried the USB  i was using the old hard drive, just to check if the usb(with win10 installer) worked.

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