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Asked by: HasanIsa_671

So i was just about to open microsoft word and uh it kept crashing or took too long to start and i couldnt turn off my computer i clicked the shut down button and it didnt shut down my computer,i cant even do my school tasks because im unable to print for some reason,any help?

But thats not the main topic here,so i was opening up chrome right?,and the screen suddenly said chrome.exe bad image,and i couldnt get rid of it then i downloaded from chrome an anti virus called malware bytes i tried to install it and then i got the bad image error from the setup itself,and i found it to be multiple programs one of which is powerpnt.exe bad image and apparently baidu something something.exe bad image can i get some help?

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Ok so lets get this started, I dont know if I can exactly help but Ill try, so first, if your computer doesnt shut down, have you tried holding your power button for atleast 10 seconds? It should signal a force shutdown to the hardware. Next, what error messages are you exactly getting and when do they happend or pop up? Also do you currently have any anti malware program on your pc? And how long have you had the computer and/or how long have you had Windows 10 on it? 

Sorry for so many questions I just want to get the jist of your computer because I dont want to attempt a remote control without trying to solve via forums.

Thank you^^

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