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Windows 10

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I used to have windows 7 and my desktop computer was fast and worked PERFECTLY fine. When the update reserve came I updated to windows 10 after that my computer started being extremely slow. It would black out every 5 min and after it blacked out it always said the AMD driver has crashed and recovered. Then after about ten black outs in a period of 5 min. it would restart in the middle of what what I was doing. One time I was writing and extremely important paper and it completely crashed and I didn't get a chance to save it!  After this I went to the AMD drivers website and tried to download a windows 10 64 bit driver and it kept saying installation process could not be completed and got worse after that. I have no idea what to do and i really need help and if no one has a solution please someone help me reverse this the computer to windows 7

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Welcome to my world, and I'm Intel i7.... i'm going to try to roll back.  I've notice it crashes when Edge or Internet Explorer is open..
Im beginning to have a love / hate relationship with MSFT
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