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Asked by: Croxford

Windows 10 File Explorer Quick Access - currently I can only see "Recent Files" in Quick Access. I have reset all settings to their default and have checked that the Privacy Settings include displaying Folders in Quick Access. In addition when I try to pin a folder to the Quick Access section I receive an error message - "The parameter is incorrect"

Answered by: Shawn 'Cmdr' Keene [MVP]

Because profiles are separated from each other and the system, creating a new profile on your computer can help troubleshoot and resolve issues. Many times an issue in a profile can be resolved by creating a new one. It takes a little time to set up your preferences and drag your files to the new profile, but it can save many hours of headache. As with the System Restore, this is a “safe option”, because no files will be lost if you try this.

  1. Open the Control Panel or Settings app, go to Accounts and under Other Accounts you can add an account.

    • If you’re using Windows 8, choose “Sign in without a Microsoft Account” and create a Local Account.

    • If you’re using Windows 10, choose “this person doesn’t have an email” and then “Sign in without a Microsoft Account”.

  2. Login to the new account and see if the issue is fixed. If so, you can open the C:Users folder and drag your files into the new profile. Although there’s no rush to do it, later you can delete the broken account.
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