Windows 10 is crashing every morning right after start up

Windows 10

Asked by: DrJohn2001

This is something recent.  I upgraded from Win7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Professional well over 5 months ago.  Install went super smooth, all has gone well since then.  Over the past few weeks, Windows has been freezing approx. 45 seconds to 2 minutes after start up.  At first, it was giving me a blue screen saying that Windows detected a problem, will collect some data, and then restart.  It was giving some Kernal error messages, always a different reason.  Now, when it freezes, it just freezes, mouse and keyboard have no function, screen is frozen, even if something was running, which is usually task manager because I am trying to watch.  I have to do a cold shut down by holding the power button for about 10 seconds.  Then I restart and once in a while, it will freeze again, but most of the time, it is fine from the second try onward.

I have a Dell XPS 9100 from 2011, limited number were made.  Intel Quad Core 3.20 Ghz with 18 GB RAM, and dual hard drives at 7200 RPM.  It is a speedy machine.  Most of the time, when it is calm, CPU usage is 0 or 1%, there are no runaway programs using up my resources.  Hard drive activity generally stays calm at 0% unless Webroot or Automatic Updates are doing their thing.  I basically have no problems.  I did check the Windows version, it is the anniversary update 1607 build 14393.693.  In Device Manager, no devices are reporting any trouble.  Startup programs I try to keep to a minimum, yet QuickBooks likes shoving its updater, and manager files in there no matter how many times you try to disable them.

I have been trying to start it with both of my printers turned off, still no difference on the crashes.  Today, I turned off the fast startup checkbox, and I have not restarted the machine since then.  So I will see if that has an effect/result.  I have read up on this and it seems the anniversary update is causing problems.  I do NOT have a solid state drive.  I have not installed any new software in the past few months.  I do let automatic updates do its controlling thing.  Java and Adobe are kept updated.  I do not know when the anniversary update actually installed itself, I have not gone back to review the update history.

Any ideas to stop this freezing up problem?

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