windows 10 personalization not workig

Windows 10

Asked by: klaus6622

Several personalization options missing.

1. slide show is now sequential not random and no option to make it so.

2. Regardless of what you select for a color, nothing is applies except for underline on task bar and Start.  Gone in windows...they are all white borders..

3. Slide show minimum time is 1 minute.  No more 30 seconds.

PLEASE bring back Win8 options!

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On #2, actually Windows 10 has a one pixel border with shading (that makes the rest of the border almost invisible).  So it isn't that they are white as they are almost not non existing.  There isn't currently any way to change this.  On the other hand if you remember how the title bar would change from white to your selected color when it gets focus.  Well that feature is going to be brought back.  It is in testing in the Windows Insider builds, and should be released to the public sometime soon.

You might want to submit your suggestions using the Windows Feedback app.  Just search for Feedback to find it.

Note I'm just another user trying to help.
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