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Windows 10

Asked by: Donald SMcL

I am not a computer geek. Can I simply ask Microsoft to sort out the terrible problem with their start system. I have tried Powershell and re-booting but nothing works. Apparently I am up to date with updates.

Please, please just tell me how to fix it in simple language. Alternatively can I speak to real person instead of these multiple meaningless message boards. I cannot find a telephone number anywhere!!

The message - "Critical error: Your start system is not working - we will try to fix it", must be the worst joke in history, because clearly no-one is fixing anything

Answered by: SpiritX MS MVP


Did the power shell methods result in an error message? If so then it was not
correctly performed. When completed, or if it was, then perform all the other
methods I posted.

Rob - SpiritX
Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience : Bicycle - Mark Twain said it right.
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