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I got some problems with my Windows 10. I tried to download the software by the free update but everytime I was trying to download the update, the program was closing. One day, i tried to download the update again and everytime I was opening the program from the little icon, it was shotting down immediately. So I went on internet to solve this problem and I saw on this forum that you had to uninstall KB3035583 and KB2990214. I did it and I realize it was deleting my program for the update. I decided to download those KB update again but I wasn't able to acces my windows update correctly. It was saying that I was not admin. I searched on internet again and the same guy that says that u had to delete the little update (KB303...) said that you could upgrade your system to windows 10 by usb so I just did it. But this method didn't work because I don't have my windows 10 activated. 

If somebody can help me by telling me how I can activate my windows 10 without buying it, I would appreciate it.


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