Windows 10 Upgrade Problem (Black Screen) - Can't start BIOS either to reinstall

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Asked by: Justin13601

So, I've put myself in a little predicament here. My PC won't boot up with windows, or display anything at all on the monitor (Desktop), and won't let me start BIOS.

Here's what happened:

I was updating to Windows 10 from Win7 taking advantage of the free upgrade until July 29th. While it was doing its thing, the power of our house cut out and my PC restarted itself. I assumed it would continue to upgrade and start off where it shut down, but I left it for over 4 hours, and it still black screen (For some reason, when my desktop upgrades Windows, it does it in black screen). It's like it's stuck.

I can't start BIOS either to boot the PC with my installation media on the usb. The computer is turned on, with a yellow light flashing showing that it's normal. My keyboard is lit, and the "Num lock" button is on. The PC is on, just not displaying anything. I've changed my monitors, and the connection cable. Checked everything I could with hardware, just can't seem to show the computer.

Please help, anything is appreciated. I hope my PC isn't dead, it was running perfectly fine before I started the upgrade.


Answered by: Andre Da Costa

Are you experienced or comfortable with opening your system unit and modifying components?

If you are, open the unit then remove the CMOS chip.

Make sure you power down the computer.

Disconnect it from the power outlet.

Touch the edges of the chassis to discharge any static electricity.

After removing the CMOS, wait about an hour before reinstalling.

At the same time, disconnect any non-essential components.

Reconnect it then power up.

See if it completes setup or you are least able to boot.

Here is an example:

How to change the CMOS battery in your Desktop Computer - YouTube

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