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Asked by: 06SniperKing

I am trying to log into Windows to activate Cortana.

My password was not accepted (or forgotten - depends on your point of view).

I went through the steps of resetting my password.

Once I had my new password, I resumed my efforts to activate Cortana.

It asks me to input my previous password.

There is no way I could get past this page because I did not know my previous password (had to reset my password).

If someone lets me know how I can activate Cortana without knowing my previous password, I'll activate and start using Cortana.

If not, I'll do things the way I have up to this date - without Cortana.

Answered by: Ramesh.Kumar


Thank you for your interest in Windows 10.

Cortana is your clever new personal assistant, and she can search the web, find things on your PC, keep track of your calendar—even tell you jokes. To know more about Cortana you may refer to the link provided below.

Cortana's settings

Why is Cortana not available for me on Windows 10?

You may also refer to the discussion initiated by Anannya in the thread mentioned below. She has mentioned other discussion links too in the same thread which might help you to know and find more information about Cortana.

Top Cortana Issues in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Hope the information provided is helpful. Do let us know if you have any queries related to Windows, we will be happy to assist you.



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