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Asked by: realPeterGibson

My problem is that Windows Update will not work no matter what I try. It hasn't functioned properly for a long time in fact, so I simply started acquiring updates manually. Obviously I should have dealt with this before, but my previous attempts to fix were met with the same frustrating failures. 

Firstly, whenever I start Windows Update, the feature acts as if I have never used it, with a red warning icon, stating that the last time I checked for updates was "never". This is obviously incorrect as I can see updates have arrived, both by my own manual diligence, and by some mysterious happy coincidence that Windows 7 has decided I don't need to know about.

When I "check for updates" as prompted, the warning icon changes from red to a yellow "!" telling me I have important updates ... but it doesn't download anything, or offer any lists of updates at all. Once it finishes "checking for updates" I will simply get the warning "Restart your computer to install important updates" with a yellow "!" icon and no other information.  When I click to restart nothing installs, no updates come in, and this prompting repeats itself every single time I try. As in EVERY TIME.

I occasionally see updates present on my "shutdown" button, and when I click to shutdown I can see THEY are downloading, but it's obviously not coming from windows update, and half of those updates now fail. 

My issues arriving from this malfunction are now to the point wherein I must fix it one way or another. Now I can't  manually update anything for the most part. Most of the hot-fixes and patches I try to download and run, I now get a message "this update is not required" or it will run through an install only to say "update [x] was NOT installed", or else the install will just FAIL. This is obviously because I've missed important patching(s) at some point. For example, Visual C 2015 and IE11 will not install... they both fail every time. IE11 tells me to get updates in order to install, but when I try to acquire those updates I cannot.

Please help me. I have tried all of the proposed solutions found here and elsewhere, and literally NOTHING has worked. I am still consistently seeing the yellow warning with a "restart your computer to install...." message, which does nothing but give me a perpetual frustration. It provides no updates at all. And I am still (occasionally) seeing my "shutdown" feature come up with updates, which seems to include IE11, which always fails.

This has been plaguing me forever, and all attempts to fix it have proven futile. Please help!

Running Windows 7 Professional 64, with Service Pack 1.

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