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I have Office Professional 2013. Since "upgrading" to Windows 10. This issue only seems to be with pre-existing Word documents in subfolders. I thought I was saving Word files by either clicking the save button or even doing file save as and choosing the Documents subfolder under OneDrive. Then I started noticing files in different places or I would click file open and not be able to find a previously saved file. I finally realized that Win10 doesn't seem to be able to handle pre-existing subfolders or saving docs in the right folder with the save button. This was never an issue with Win 8.1. Clicking on the save button always saved it in the same subfolder it was opened from. As a frequent user of Word, I'm seriously regretting upgrading to Win10. Even by choosing where you always want it to save in File Options Save, it doesn't always save them there. So I am unfortunately left with duplicate files, files saved in the wrong folders, on both the hard drive and the cloud, etc. My files are a mess. I am surprised more thorough testing wasn't done on how it's own software would re-act.

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So... you open a Word file and using SAVE or CTRL-S, it saves the file to a different location than that which it was opened from?

I am having no such difficulties with Windows 10 + Office 2013.

Have you tried "SAVE AS..."? (I know - you shouldn't have to!)

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