Edge opens new window maximized, the issue seems only to affect new Windows.

Windows 7

Asked by: Ziggy999

I've installed the new anniversary update, and with Edge now supporting extensions, I'm going to give it a try.

But there is a showstopper for me. I don't normally use tabs when browsing - I rather open new windows. Clicking Ctrl+N to open a new window works fine, but the problem is that the new window is maximized. I then have to doubleclick the title bar of the new window to restore it to correct size (same as main window).

The main Edge window has the correct size (also when first opening Edge) - the issue seems only to affect new Windows.
Any ideas?

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Let me inform you that, when we open Edge for last time the size of window will be saved as it is. And it will give the same size while opening a new window.

Example: If Edge is minimize when we open first time and we close as it is, it will stay minimize when we open next time.

So, I suggest you to maximize the Edge Window and close it and check if this helps.

Thank You.

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