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I have a HP n205sa with an issue after updating to Win10.Keyboard.tochpad,wi/fi and camera intermittently dont work at startup.For the most part its every other time i must reboot and ll works again.Device manager is clean.Have reformatted and BIOS is updated.Today i took the cmos batery out waited 20 minutes and put a new one in to see if tht would help.It did as far as boot to bios time but the issue still exist.HP has been zero help.I do work on computers daily and this issue has me bonkers.And assistance would be appreciated. Thank you Mike

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Hey Mike -

The Factory Install is one of the worst installs of Windows one can have, larded with corrupting bloatware and duplicate utilities that interfere with better versions built into Windows.  This is why most tech enthusiasts won't run the factory install but prefer to Clean Install Windows 10 which is the very best install of Windows one can have.

Until then you can reclaim some performance lost to the factory install by going over the Windows 10 Performance and Install Integrity Checklist - Microsoft Community  to check it's set up correctly, optimized for best performance and any needed repairs get done. 

An alternative to the Clean install is to do a Reset Your Windows 10 PC choosing to save only files which removes the crippling bloatware and comes close to a Clean install although it doesn't clear the drive.  But the Recovery partition will still run if ever needed. 

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