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Installed printer keeps disappear [ Edited ]

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Lately I have had to reinstall my HP Officejet j4680 AIO software constantly over and over again and I don't know what it is that is making the install disappear from my computer(removing it from my computer).I do a complete uninstall using the uninstall level 3 file and then re-install the latest full version drivers for the printer from the website,this last install I used the fax from the printers control panel because I cannot scan from Solution Center and the next day I check Devices and Printers and the printer is no longer there? Can anyone advise in this matter my warranty is out dated and I can no longer get help from HP Support on the matter which has been a continuing issue. I've also had a continuing problem with  scanning from the HP Solution Center that has been with me since before the warranty expired.Another problem I think is directly related to all of this is I have Norton 360 v5 and when I do the Diagnostic Report thru Norton it always tells me that the drivers for the printer are not installed when they are,I have been back and forth with HP and Norton with this matter and they say as long as the printer is working to ignore the report and every time I re-install the drivers the report never changes. Now I know that this issue is related between HP, Microsoft and Norton but none of them seems to have any real answers for me.I have been using HP products since my first computer and I think there should be a better support coverage for issues that are not fixed when the issue started before the warranty expired and is not properly addressed. can anyone advise, instructions or have any solutions for these issue at hand.I have also read the issue on not being able to scan from Solution center from this link from HP: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printer-All-in-One-So which HP and Microsoft are working to solve but haven't and I think base on this info on a known issue that they knew about which they did not admit to earlier that my issues that are related my warranty should have been extended until that issue was addressed properly. Microsoft is still working on their solution which I believe has to do with the Twain Scan drivers that's suppose to also come imbedded in Windows 7 software and HP's. And it's not just because you upgrade from Vista to Win. 7 because I upgraded from Win. XP and I have the same problem.Replies can also be sent to my email address: *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.

Answered by: Gerry C J Cornell

I would check the status of the Print Spooler Service.

Click on the Start button and select Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. Locate Print Spooler in the list. Check that it has started and that the StartUp type is Automatic.

I suspect that it has stopped and that just starting it will not solve the problem.

You may need to show hidden files. Type Folder Options in the search box above the Start button and select View, Advanced Settings and verify that the box before "Show hidden files and folders" is checked and "Hide protected operating system files" is unchecked. You may need to scroll down to see the second item. You should also make certain that the box before "Hide extensions for known file types" is not checked.

Now access Windows Explorer and select c:windowssystem32spoolprinters. Normally this folder should be empty but there is a problem when files with “spl” and “shd” extensions stick there. Delete the files and restart your computer. This should resolve your problem.

Please note that Norton is a poor choice give the wide range of freeware alternatives readily available. Problems are frequently reported in these forums which are resolved by removing Norton software. Replacing Norton with a freeware alternative is a no cost solution.

As I have indicated earlier your printer problem is likely linked to a spooler problem. The spooler problem seems to be linked to pdf files and Adobe Reader. If my first suggestion fixs your problem please advise the version of Adobe Reader installed as the solution is only a workaround until the problem reoccurs with the next problematic pdf file. Not all pdf files cause the problem.

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