My hand can't click to use mouse

Windows 7

Asked by: KimballWorcester

I have aged hands that have a very difficult time clicking a mouse with any delicacy or rapidity. What is my alternative to the mouse? I've tried different mice, but they all involve some degree of clicking.

Thanks for your help

Answered by: canadian tech

The Kensington Expert Mouse is your solution.


Not cheap ($70), but for people in your position, it is an excellent alternative.  It is like a mouse upside down.  The ball is on top.  The ball is the same size as a pool ball on a pool table.  You roll the ball with your open hand until your pointer is positioned on the screen where you want it.  Then you lift your hand and use your thumb or any finger to click one of the buttons.  This separates the function of positioning and selecting into two different actions. 

The Kensington Expert mouse comes with its own software that enables a lot of customization and some of that may help you too.

I have used this many times in situations where people were suffering from repetitive stress syndrome.

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