my HP laserjet 1022 stopped working!!

Windows 7

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i have Windows 7 x64 and have an HP LaserJet 1022 printer. HP hasn't yet made drivers of this printer for win 7, but i read on net to use vista x64 drivers in XP SP2 mode, it'll work fine. i did that and had been using my printer for 4-5 months. but suddenly this morning, when i switch on my printer, it shows my printer name under "unspecified devices" field. that means that my pc is dedecting the device, but not as a printer. when i try to print something(i tried MS word 07 and adobe reader 9), it shows to install a printer first! i restarted the pc, unpluged and replugged the printer, reinstalled the drivers, but the printer isn't working. it was working fine till last night, but not working today! pls help!

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this is how i solved mine
after you install the plug and pray drivers into your program files/hewlett-packard folder
go to start/devices and printers
you will see your printer listed under other devices
right click and go to properties then to the hardware tab click the printer then properties
there will be a button to change settings click that and go to the drivers tab and choose "update driver"
choose the "browse for driver" option
then navigate to "C:Program FilesHewlett-PackardLaserJet 1020_1022 Drivers"
and hit ok , windows7 should install your driver correctly

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