Newest photos not showing up in Pictures Library when Arranged by Day, but visible when Arranged by Folder (sharing answer)

Windows 7

Asked by: zedem

Not sure if it is bad form to answer my own question, but the following has happened a few times and tonight I figured out why, so I thought I'd share.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional SP1, Outlook 2013, and standard Windows Photo Viewer that comes with Win7.

I often email photos from my smartphone, then save the folders in my Pictures folder on my laptop.  Usually they show up in Windows Explorer under Pictures when arranged by Day under today's date.  Sometimes, like today, they don't show at all when arranged by Day but do show when arrange by Folder.  Today I discovered that the photos I saved and didn't show up were tagged as Read-Only.  When I manually removed the Read-Only flag, they showed up in my Pictures library under today's date.

What I think I did differently was to double click attachment in Outlook (which opens Windows Photo Viewer) and File --> Save a Copy to save to Pictures folder.  I usually do a Save As directly from Outlook.  Without verifying, i figure this was the difference.  I did verify that merely removing the Read-Only flag did make a photo show up that didn't show before.

Hope this is helpful to others.

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