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Windows 7

Asked by: Seth-W

My second hard drive on my ASUS laptop (Windows 10) went somewhat missing. Previously named the "D" drive and containing 498GB of space (C drive is about 372 GB), I now cannot find it anywhere in the file explorer.

When going to Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer Management > Disk Management, I can see the C drive along with a few other smaller (<1 GB) drives, as well as what seems to be my D drive. It has 498GB, but the space for its name is blank, and when I right-click on it, the only available options are "Delete Volume" and "Help" (all other actions are grayed out and unaccessible).

What can I do to regain access and be able to use my nearly half-terabyte drive?

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Can you Post a screenshot of Disk Mgmt?

If the option isn't available to add a Drive Letter then it may have failed. 

You can determine this with certainty by running the maker's HD Diagnostic extended scan followed by a full Disk Check .

Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes.

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