Taksbar Not Hiding

Windows 7

Asked by: HannoverFist

Once again I have come across the 20 year-old Windows Bug of the Taskbar not being able to be hidden.

This is especially frustrating since Microsoft's Internet Explorer puts all their SAVE dialog at the bottom of the page which is currently covered up by the stupid non-hiding taskbar. (FU MS)

I've looked through the lame suggestions in other posts and the overly-wordy Microsoft instructions but none seem to work.

Has anyone found the REAL SOLUTION to Microsoft's 20 YEAR OLD BUG that they apparently will never fix?

I used to like Microsoft but their obvious disdain for their customers makes me hate them more and more every time I find another bug that they refuse to fix.

Hannover Fist
Network & internet 10/01/2017 0 Comment 10 views

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